The Circuit of Wales will be home to an international motorsport circuit, technology park and training facility.

The £350m development – a partnership between Aventa and Welsh and local Government – will transform 830 acres of Blaenau Gwent with a business hub for high-technology excellence in the automotive and technology sectors, serving the valuable national motorsport industry in the UK and protecting the country’s position as a global leader by providing resources and infrastructure for the future.

With an overriding mission to deliver regeneration to the Blaenau Gwent region, the project will create:

  • sustainable economic growth, by attracting business, research and development, education and active outdoor tourism
  • unrivalled employment opportunities in high-profile events, industrial and technological developments, academic research, educational programmes, hotel and leisure developments, and participation in low carbon initiatives.

The development will be a major addition to Europe’s front- ranking motorsport facilities, designed to host international events such as MotoGPTM, World Superbikes, World Motocross and World Touring Car events. Securing the rights to host the British MotoGP until at least 2019 highlights the calibre of the track the Circuit of Wales aim to create.

As the most significant capital investment programme in automotive and motorsport infrastructure in the UK in the last 50 years, the Circuit of Wales will ensure Wales becomes synonymous with high-quality motorsport and entertainment worldwide.

Our goal is for the Circuit of Wales to be recognised as one of the safest and most environmentally sustainable motorsport facilities in the world, integrating naturally into the local environment and bringing about transformational social and economic change.

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